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STC Subsidiary P2P Cash Launches Free Money Transfer Service to Mexico

STC Subsidiary P2P Cash Launches Free Money Transfer Service to Mexico

STC Subsidiary P2P Cash Launches Free Money Transfer Service to Mexico

P2P Cash, a Georgia-based digital financial services company, opened a new money transfer service between Georgia and South Carolina in the USA and Mexico, enabling cross-border money transfers at competitive exchange rates without any transfer fees. Mexicans and Mexican-Americans in Georgia and South Carolina can find this new service at www.p2pcash.com. Customers may also download the mobile app from Google Play or the App Store.

“’Free Money Transfer’ is not a promotional price,” said P2P Cash CEO Tom Meredith. “We are permanently setting our service price as FREE, which means we will never charge the transfer fee that Western Union, MoneyGram and other services do. We want to change the whole pricing structure of the money transfer business to the benefit of the customer by eliminating unnecessary fees.”

Meredith notes that this aggressive pricing position is possible because of advances in technology.

“We built a highly efficient system that leverages the widespread ownership of mobile phones, cloud-based data storage, blockchain innovations and a virtual organizational structure to dramatically reduce the cost of delivering money between accounts across borders,” said Meredith. “We don’t have to charge a large fee because we don’t have to pay intermediaries, nor do we have to cover the expense of bricks-and-mortar outlets.”

“We are excited to get this consumer-friendly service launched in Georgia and South Carolina,” concludes Meredith. “Once we establish the value of the service with the Mexican community there, we can capitalize on its popularity to take the service nationwide.”

About P2P Cash

P2P Cash, a division of Smart Token Chain (STC), is an international financial services company focused on leveraging technology to bring affordable, consumer-friendly banking services to under-banked communities worldwide. The key mission is to apply technology to eliminate the need for the transfer fees charged by traditional MTOs.

P2P Cash transfers funds securely in real-time to billions of bank and mobile accounts globally, monetizing this no-fee service by purchasing currency at wholesale foreign exchange (FX) rates and delivering at competitive retail rates.
STC, P2P Cash’ parent, combines two of the most disruptive new financial services innovations: Blockchain and Tokenization. STC partners with banks and other financial service industry players globally to create and propagate standards to enable the extension of affordable banking services to the 3 billion under-served consumers worldwide.

P2P Cash looks to keep accelerating the spread of our affordable financial service offerings, enabling any consumer or business to send and receive global payments securely, conveniently and cost-effectively. These plans involve additional financial services like P2P Lending and Insurance.

Media Contacts for the P2P Cash Mexico Service:

Amadeo Radillo
+1 678.908.4672

Juan Soto
+1 770.485.4855

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