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FinDEVr NY 2016 Conference Presentation

FinDEVr NY 2016 Conference Presentation

We recently presented our company, Smart Token Chain (STC), and its patent pending “Smart Token” technology at the FinDEVr NY 2016 Conference. Our patent-pending “Smart Tokens” increase global trading efficiency by combining today’s most disruptive FinTech tools: Blockchain, Smart Contracts and Tokenization. Customizable Smart Tokens INSTANTLY transfer assets between P2P, B2C and B2B applications. Each Smart Token is UNIQUE- including counterpart identities, asset verification and transaction data, based on ISO 20022 standards. Assets undergoing tokenization include: RMB, Oil, Gold, and Bonds. Recently, STC partnered with MasterCard and SWIFT, offering Free Money Transfer to 1.2 B bank/mobile accounts globally through our subsidiary, P2P Cash.

Our Smart Token technology standardizes asset exchange globally. All transactions have 3 common elements: Counterparty Identity, the Asset(s), and Transaction Execution. Smart Tokens create ISO-based ID, Asset, and Execution Tokens used/reused to automate the clearing and settlement of ANY asset globally. This presentation will demonstrate Smart Token creation, using real data for: ID Token- identity for both trade parties, Asset Token- the asset(s) to be verified/traded, Execution Token- the exchange rate/purchase price agreed to by the trading parties, and a Master Token- containing all the respective tokens for compliance, auditability and blockchain verification. This demonstration shows the entire on-boarding process of verifying trading IDs, the asset(s) traded and contractual terms.

FinDEVr attendees learned the following:

• For 10,000 years, trading has been the hallmark of human activity. EVERY trade consists of two people with an exchange rate between two or more assets. Smart Tokens standardize ID, Asset and Exchange contracts.
• ISO’s inter-modal shipping container standard revolutionized global shipping. Using ISO 20022, Smart Tokens automate trading settlement: reducing counterpart risk and Bid/Ask spreads in minutes.
• ALL current settlement and blockchain networks are proprietary. Smart Tokens are THE bridge between these incompatible settlement networks.

Please check out our video presentation and any questions or comments direct to our CEO and Founder, Tom Meredith. Tom has 30+ years computer architecture development experience ranging from artificial intelligence to voicemail/email integration to online international credit card processing. Tom designed/authored the Smart Token patent. He has degrees from Harvard Business School and Stanford’s School of Engineering. He can be reached at linkedin.com/in/tommeredith; @tomtmeredith; tom@smarttokenchain.com or directly at +1-404-388-9247.

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