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Smart Token Chain Hobnobs With Fellow Tech Wunderkinds at FinDEVr New York

Smart Token Chain Hobnobs With Fellow Tech Wunderkinds at FinDEVr New York

The technological revolution in financial services went on display earlier this month at the New York edition of FinDEVr. FinTech pros from a wide range of applications came together to share learnings and forge partnerships. This is not a business development conference, so the talk was really focused on tech rather than markets and revenue. […]

Forty banks line up in support of EBA Clearing instant payments plan

Reposted from: https://www.finextra.com/newsarticle/28762/forty-banks-line-up-in-support-of-eba-clearing-instant-payments-plan?utm_medium=newsflash&utm_source=2016-4-19 EBA Clearing says that close to 40 financial institutions have committed to supporting and funding the development and installation of its pan-European instant payments platform for transactions in the Single Euro Payments Area. Owned by 53 of the major banks operating in Europe, EBA Clearing says the funding institutions will be involved […]

FinDEVr NY 2016 Conference Presentation

We recently presented our company, Smart Token Chain (STC), and its patent pending “Smart Token” technology at the FinDEVr NY 2016 Conference. Our patent-pending “Smart Tokens” increase global trading efficiency by combining today’s most disruptive FinTech tools: Blockchain, Smart Contracts and Tokenization. Customizable Smart Tokens INSTANTLY transfer assets between P2P, B2C and B2B applications. Each […]

Smart Token Chain Introduces the Blockchain System Integrator

Smart Token Chain, Inc. announces the launch of its Smart Contract Settlement Exchange, connecting diverse banking and other payments systems worldwide without requiring each institution to integrate to hundreds of upcoming proprietary blockchain payment systems. Smart Token Chain gives financial institutions the ability to create fully proprietary ledger systems and smart contract tools, yet easily […]