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STC leverages tokenization for secure communication of financial data including identity, transaction details, and instructions for delivery. The process involves substitution of tokens in place of sensitive data elements, eliminating a fraudster’s ability to access exploitable financial information.


STC technology enables communication between disparate Private Blockchain Networks (PBNs), connects traditional payments systems to PBNs, and can operate as its own PBN.

Smart Contracts

STCs execute Smart Contracts as a digital protocol that facilitates, verifies, and enforces the negotiation or performance of a contract, allowing for technology to obviate the need for a contractual clause.


1Over a century ago, moving goods by rail was problematic since competing railroad networks used different gauge or sized rails. Railroad roundhouses were invented to exchange payloads from one railroad network to another. Over time, intermodal containers, based upon International Standards Organization (ISO) specifications, standardized payload transfers modernizing global commerce. Global shippers that didn’t adopt these new, more efficient payload interoperability standards could no longer compete. Today’s modern financial services systems currently face a similar issue.
Smart Token Chains were developed as a unifying technology to solve for complexities like this!


Smart Token Chain (“STC”) technology combines the most disruptive tools in Financial Services Technology (“FinTech”) to date: smart contracts, blockchain, and tokenization. Customizable STCs solve for real-time P2P, B2C, B2B, and institutional money movement issues. In addition to increasing global payments efficiency, the core capabilities for STC powered platforms unify disparate systems used in other financial services applications. Each unique Smart Token includes enhanced counterpart identity, transaction, and invoice data.

In order to demonstrate value in the cross-border payments industry, STC launched an international remittance platform, operated by its subsidiary, P2P Cash. By proving enhanced capabilities for international person-to-person payments, STC uses P2P Cash to validate its unique ability to change global financial services. Complex payments and other transactions become more simple, easier to manage and track, and executable at a lower cost.

Entities across the United States and abroad partner with STC to enhance their worldwide payments capabilities, improve their current financial services offerings, offer value added products, and expand their global reach.

Smart Token Chain is an investor-backed startup with offices in the payments processing capital of the world – Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Our partners are all proponents of the nascent revolution in Financial Services Technology and support our industry changing approach through global implementations of STC technology.

Use Cases

The company aims to proliferate STC technology on a global basis for application within FinTech platforms everywhere:

Micro-Finance (Lending)

New lending paradigms have changed the way consumers access credit. Peer-to-Peer (P2P) and digital enablement allows for STCs to disburse, manage, track and analyze loaned funds.

Micro-Finance (Insurance)

Providing insurance services to the global community drives enhanced economic success for both individuals and business. P2P and corporate models benefit from STCs unique ability to help offer services more broadly.

Banking Systems

Streamline interbank operational capabilities. Payments, lending, and other transactional services benefit from STC enabled infrastructure and processing.

Payment Networks

Modernize traditional payments network schemes. STCs tie identity, payment, currency conversion and other pertinent attributes to our proprietary Smart Tokens for enhanced real-time capabilities.

Data Transfer

STC capabilities are not limited only to financial services and payments. Secure transactions are needed across many industries and market verticals. Contact STC to discuss how to power new use cases that meet your neds for secure transactions.

Digital Wallets

Mobile and digital wallets are confined to closed loop ecosystems and lack key capabilities to drive adoption. STCs unify and enhance wallet functionality to power better user experiences.


Smart Token Chain aims to become the #1 provider globally of secure token architecture solutions that facilitate the unification of disparate systems. Financial Services Technology is rapidly evolving and has applications across consumer, corporate, government, and banking use cases. As an industry leader, STC can support delivery of and access to better consumer services, more efficient enterprise systems, and create a more unified global economy.


Smart Token Chain’s technology will work with providers of financial services across the world to enhance the lives of over 2.5 billion underbanked individuals, while simultaneously helping our business partners to become more profitable. By increasing efficiency and security, and offering innovative technology solutions, the company will become a responsible citizen to the entire the global population.